Exercise 124 – Pericles Bien

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  1. Wow, I clearly need to spend a little more time with sketchup! This model is coming along beautifully. I’d be stoked to live in a home like this.

  2. Hello Pericles, very interesting rendering of your exterior and interior building perspective. The fact that you placed both in the same drawing gives a sense of depth to the interior of the cabin. Love the tons of natural light that the space gets from any view.

  3. Austin Braunberger

    Great work on the house Perry! I like how most of the house is windows so you can clearly see what is going on in the house

  4. I really like the complex structure of your house. It seems you consider how lights would come into the house through every window. Great work!

  5. I like the openness of the building to really take advantage of the natural light and views from all angles. The elements come together really nicely.

  6. Thomas Baumgartner

    I really like the large open windows. It is a very welcoming view and would let in lots of sunlight. Great Job!

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