Exercise #125

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  1. I really like the background image you chose and the texture of the house you applied. great work

  2. I really like the background that you can see through the glass windows. Also the texture of the house is very nice.

  3. The renderings look great. The background you choose and the color of the exterior wall of the building are well integrated to make it less obtrusive. And you seem to apply a style to the whole picture, making the effect of the picture look harmonious.

  4. Very cool and artsy rendering. It is super interesting and would definitely stand out amongst a collection of other works. Very aesthetic. I think that maybe it would be better to have a black or white ground block to really clarify that it is an elevation rendering. And maybe make some edits to make the building stand out more against the background, like desaturate the background. But it looks great as it and these are just thoughts.

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