Exercise 125 – Connor Achziger

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  1. Looks great, Connor. Nice attention to texture and colors. Most importantly, you are conveying a mood and emotion which makes the structure come alive.

  2. I love all the little details that you added to your piece. Not only did you convey the idea that this was taken at night with the light coming from inside, but you even added the smoke coming from the chimney! Well done!

  3. I really love the whole picture. The atmosphere surrounding the house give off the relaxing vibe. The smoke effect is a nice touch.

  4. I like the smoke coming out of the chimney. Also, the life inside the house and the woods outside the house is pretty! I wonder how you made it!

  5. I really like your whole image. I especially like the open space in the living room. Also it is great that you chose the night scene to enhance the building.

  6. Hello Connor,

    Again, really impressive! I’m not only thoroughly enjoying your design, but the way you’ve chosen to showcase it. I agree with Go; a night scene really suits your cabin. Clearly, I have a lot to learn before I can do anything like this. Awesome job!

  7. Amazing. Really love this one. The Atmosphere really brings you in. I thought adding the smoke was pretty neat.

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