Exercise 125 – Jiazheng Zhao

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  1. Lots of space for indoor light, and at the same time, the design of your house is very modern. I really like your use of glass material and I am considering using this technique in my work. It’s very enlightening. At the same time, I think this kind of house is very in line with my taste.

  2. Nice and open which is appropriate for this type of setting. To actually build this you might need to add a slope to the roof, the area does get snowfall each winter.

  3. The amount of glass is really pretty. I like that your background is working extremely well with your design, it’s a beautiful building in a beautiful location.

  4. your choice of background with waterfall was quite nice. The house design was not complicated (like a box); however, with the big windows design, it turned out well with the surroundings.

  5. Very nice rendering. Your building really stands out from the landscape because of the contrast between color and black and white. I like how you reversed that technique. Simple but it effectively gets your design across. You could include more materials or colors if you want to (maybe it is just a white house) but it looks great as is.

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