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  1. Very amazing renderings, I like some of your details, including the furnishings and perfect exterior wall colors. You even simulated some lights. But it would be better if you could change the character to a more obvious color.

  2. Very amazing quality of work. I can see the details that you put in. It is all perfect but I think it can be more perfect if you use something that can show the glass of your window to differentiate between having a window with an open space.

  3. Great choice of colors for the exterior walls of the house. The colors compliment each other nicely and the rooms, in general, transition in an organized manner. Great work!

  4. I feel like a broken record commenting on your work, looks good, clear, nice color choices, good scale, and layout, etc. So all that plus, in this piece I like the extra details in the lighting, both indoors and outdoors. I don’t have any constructive comments to make it better, well done!

  5. It is pretty nice to see you place some furniture inside your house. The see-through design of the window is also charming which mingles well with the surrounding background.

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