Exercise 126 – Andrew Ahn

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  1. Your plan is very eye-catching, and the paint drop is dramatic. I really like the shadows of the trees and their placement. Great job!

  2. Nice work for the exercise. I like how you added tree to the floor plan, as well as the shadows, that make you floor plan more interesting.

  3. I like how you added the trees to your piece. It gives the piece different positive and negative space that doesn’t make the entire thing feel empty. Good job!

  4. Like your layout so much! The floor plan and trees are in diagonal which will make the whole diagram much active!

  5. Hello Andrew,

    I agree with our classmates that you’ve done a really exceptional job on this exercise! I like how you found/sized a paint splatter that fully encapsulated the shadow that your walls cast and incorporated foliage to give the scene some context. Keep it up!

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