Exercise: 126~ Letty Serujo


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I returned to school a year ago, after running my own interior design business for over 25 years. I decided to work towards my credentials in Architecture design, which feels like a natural progression. I enjoy meeting new people who are passionate and have similar interests. My ambition is to earn a bachelor’s degree in Architecture design. I would like to work for a firm where I can learn as much as I can in residential, small commercial, and possibly landscape architectural design.

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  1. Really good work! I like the background you chose and as well as I like the tree that you place in your Floor plan.

  2. the way your shadows interacts with the s\light on the splatter feels really realistic, and the entire image feels well composed.

  3. I like the addition of that tree into the plan. It gives you a good balance of positive and negative space so both sides aren’t empty. Good job!

  4. The background is very well put together. I like the added tree as it gave it some more character to it.

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