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  1. Hello Niklas,
    I love your portfolio; it’s bold and simple and it very unique in a good way. What I also like is the bold and typeface of your name, it looks like a professional design team, awesome job.

  2. Hi Nklas,
    Nice red grabbing attention. It remind me a book I have about Le Corbusier from 1967. I want to look inside! Very good

  3. I too agree with the others. The red color is strong and bold in a good way. Nice palette choice. The simplicity of the design is very attractive.

  4. I feel like this font choice really just captures your vibe niklas, I really like it!

  5. Simple and straight to the point. I like the fact that you went to go with just your logo and the word “portfolio” on the side. Feels very contemporary like something you’d see at a modern museum

  6. The color pallet you used really works for this cover, can’t wait to see your actual portfolio.

  7. the red is very eye-catching and I like how the word “portfolio” was just in another shade of red

  8. I really like this, and from the look at the comments- everybody else does too haha. The red is really cool and is a good way of catching attention. An eye catching cover would intrigue people and make open it.

  9. I like the design for your portfolio cover as it was looking straightforward and perfect.

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