Exercise 127 – Jarron Ho

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  1. The white outlines of the cubes really pop out when placed on top of a dark background. I also like how the highlight of the title is inverted in color. Good job!

  2. I really like the texture you added to it, makes it seems more like something created on paper than on a computer program, good job

  3. Very cool layout. Simple but aesthetically pleasing. Did you draw this? The black ad white color scheme is nice and I like how you have the name and year. I wonder if you can include some element to balance out the composition with the big white block, everything is in line and then there is this one solid object but nothing to balance it. Play around with it maybe

  4. The use of a dark background is really strong in a good way. I like how you brought importance to the title by contrasting it with the white space. I also thought the image was very interesting and the use of white lines makes it stand out perfectly.

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