Exercise 127 – Jiazheng Zhao

Design Logic:

I used my own logo as the background, imitating the style of Alex Hogrefe and made this connecting front and back cover.

Comments (5)

  1. You did a great job with the shaded outlines of the triangles and also on the transparency areas of the cover. The structure in the background is a nice touch and it also showcases your own work, which is fantastic. Great work!

  2. This looks good and is eye-catching. I think I would have faded the structure a bit more so that your logo would stand out more.

  3. It looks great, although the page seems a little too long, might just be me though, great work!

  4. Very nicely done. It is very clean and simple. I like the font choice it works very well. The placement of text all lines up nicely too.

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