Exercise 128 – Ali Khan

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  1. I really like the background that you chose, I would have the background as color instead of black and white so it would stand out more. Other than that I think that everything looks great.

  2. I think this looks pretty good? I think the background being in black and white makes the structure stand out more, but I don’t think you need to show the yellow for the lights in this type of view.

  3. The house stands out well against the black background. I like the white people I feel like they really pop in this rendering. Maybe it would be better to match the ground cut color from black to white to match the people. Also, they look to be floating so lowering them would be good.

  4. Overall, a nice color adjustment for the window and also lighting. I am just wondering if the people size may be too big; it is taller than a door.

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