Exercise 128: Joel Solomon

By j.beaird

Digital gardens and internal architecture

Comments (8)

  1. Your presentation is so professional. Great choice of a background, too. Wise to be innovative and use what looks best.

  2. I like the details of your work. I could see how much you tried to look it real from some silhouettes adjusted to the shadow of the building and the right brightness, and the title, brief description and logo of this work are making it more professional. Also, the background that seems to be sketched by hand enhances this section view. Nice work.

  3. Your design looks very professional. I especially like that your building has a window on the the roof. Also, good background choice.

  4. This is the best background I’ve seen by far! The background provides enough context as to where the cabin is located, but it doesn’t distract from the section itself, good job!

  5. Your black and white background really well harmonize with your house. Usually, the houses in this project do not blend in the background, but I don’t see such problems in your work at all. Nice job!

  6. I really like this work! It looks so professional. Line backrgound is so fit to the black-and-white section drawing.

  7. Hello Joel,

    I, too really enjoy the aesthetic you’ve clearly succeeded in cultivating for this section view. I find it interesting that you’ve opted to include what appears to be some kind of logo or “maker’s mark” because it seems to imply legitimacy and professionalism, just as the title and little text blurb next to it does also. Taking notes on this one! Great work!

  8. Wow this section looks so great! I love the font you chose to accompany the image as well. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the overall composition and aesthetic.

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