Exercise 128 -Phoebe

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  1. This turned out really nice, very good choice of where to make your cut as well as what you applied in photoshop. the only thing its missing is the grass in the foreground but other than that you did a really great job with this one.

  2. looks really nice! good location to add a section cut. i agree with holland adding the grass in the foreground would give this this the icing on the cake. good job!

  3. Alanis Velazquez

    The collage turn out really good, i like how you added the lights in the space and its reflected on the ground. great job!

  4. Great job with textures and lighting/shadows. I can easily see the angles of the interior walls with this section.

  5. The inside looks great, very well done interior decorating. I’m a big fan of the exposed brick and the ceiling lights.

  6. Great job with the lighting, adding the people also helped create an aesthetic collage.

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