Exercise 129 – Ethan Ekandem

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  1. The smaller blades of grass overlapping the house. The birds flying over adds a nice touch. It kind of reminds me of a scene from a movie, if that makes sense. But overall, it looks great!

  2. the windmill made my day, this looks really well put together and i like your windows because they give the empression that there’s more lighting inside the cabin.

  3. The perspective view of your cabin blends quite naturally with the background, and the slightly darker tone of this house fits well with the atmosphere around the background. Also, the person in front of the house you added, the windmill, and the bird silhouette clearly add to the realism of this picture. Good work.

  4. Great Job on the person’s shadow, I like how you were able to create that over the grass. Good texture to it. Also glad you chose that perspective it showcases your building very well.

  5. Interesting work! I like the windmill, it added so much reality to the image, also, the birds and the sky are really beautiful. Nice job!

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