Exercise 202- Alejandra Hurtado

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  1. Hi!
    How did you know where to put the counter and sink as well as the other door swings? It appears that there are some missing dimensions on the drawing.

  2. hey! I just estimated it, the door swing going into the bedroom area I started 6″ from the top wall and then I just left the 3′ spacing for the door. For the door down below, I did 1′ from the top of the wall. As for the counter, I did 7′ up from the inner bottom left corner and went 2′ to the right, and then 5′ down. Then from the right window edge, I went up 2′ and left however much to snap to the other part of the counter. For the sink, I just used a rounded rectangle tool that I found under the blue triangle of the regular rectangle tool. Hopefully this helps!

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