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  1. I really like the composition of your post card. The color choices bring my attention to the Architecture text first and then to the Diablo Valley College. I also like that you made the long text smaller so it doesn’t drag much attention.

  2. This is a great design. It’s so clever how you’ve incorporated the shape of the book store architecture into the graphic.

  3. I really like the use of the DVC main building as a part of your poster. When I saw that design I Immediately thought of DVC. The idea to include text in the building is very clever too.

  4. The color scheme you have developed and the silhouette of one of the DVC buildings is really unique. Good work!

  5. Hi Keying,
    Nice lay out of the Administration building as coco point and a way to promote DVC’s Architectural program. I also like the color palette chosen and the way the lettering is distributed. Be careful with how much text will be on it cause it may distract the attention and looks overwhelming.
    Good job overall.

  6. Thomas Baumgartner

    Creative way of separating each category with the windows of the building. It reminds me of the DVC bookstore. Great color choices, the white font really pops out and grabs my attention.

  7. i really like the design of this with the silhouette of the building and the choice of colors. the font and size of the words really fits together well too.

  8. I see some good hierarchy in terms of the text. It draws viewers in and makes you want to read the smaller text, which I suppose would have been the lecture dates and guests.

  9. Nice poster card. it feels like this perspective look at the building is sitting at the rule of thirds which is really effective in the placement of information nice job.

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