Exercise103-Cho Lun Liu

I chose this picture because I thought it was fantastic. The ice cave is located in Mendenhall Valley, near Juneau, the capital of Alaska. The perfect combination of the ice cave and the light makes the ice cave look like a fairyland. And the ice looks like some kind of crystal or gem that will glow because of the light. Transparent ice allows us to see its own structure, or we can find some frozen animals or fish (joking). The photographer should have used a little perspective. He put the vanishing point on the left to make the picture look like a tunnel in an ice cave.

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  1. This picture might be the coolest picture I have ever seen! The glow in the dark ice cubes make it it easier to see what the structure is made of. There is a lot of great texture shown around the walls. I think that this would have been a better photo if the photographer made it a macro picture.

  2. This picture is extraordinary because it is so unusual from our daily objects. Also, it uses the techniques of both “Rule of Thirds” and “Diagonal”. The fantastic ice cube is located on the left and lower third of this photo. And the borderline in the back indicates the direction of the tunnel.

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