Exercise#103- Leslie Palma

'Laguna de Bacalar'
I really like this picture because it has a beautiful view of the lake.
This picture has different kinds of compositions. For example; it is type "telling a story", from the moment you see the image you automatically follow the path until you reach the end of it. It also has asymmetry as it is surrounded on both sides by water, and breaking the pattern you can see on the right side of the photo that the grass is sticking out of the water. We can also see that this photo is of the ''Radial'' type where the focal point of the image is just at the end of the bridge where the perspective acts to further centralize this.
What makes this image I like is that they took advantage of natural light and perspective to highlight the colors of this lake and that they will be noticeable as a perfectly straight line throughout the photo.

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  1. Gorgeous photo drawing you to the path all the way to the end where it looks to be a seating area, the photo is very well took in the middle showing you both almost equal sides.

  2. This is indeed a nice photo. I only realized the technique of “Symmetry” at first. But through your introduction, I realized that there are “Telling a Story” and “Radial”. Thank you for your introduction!

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