Link: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/03/dark-star-deepest-cave-climbing-uzbekistan/#/MM8380_140814_2684NEW.jpg

This is a wonderful picture of a remote mountain range in Uzbekistan. The compositional technique it uses is the "Rules of Thirds". It is focusing on the person using a flashlight with faint yellow light. It is also a good "story telling" picture. We can tell from the picture that the explorers were climbing the cliffs and exploring the cave at the early morning.

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  1. I enjoyed this picture because blue is my favorite color. It really is a great “story telling” picture. The way this was captured, shows an emphasis on the person on a mission to find something or maybe someone. It makes us ask more questions. Great work!

  2. In this picture it’s clear the use of basic composition techniques such as the rule of thirds which gives it symmetry. The person that is climbing with a head flashlight contrast the amazing cold blue view of mountains, and it’s telling a story that makes the viewer be interesting in the picture.

  3. The line separating the mountains and sky, which follows the rule of thirds, gives a balanced photograph. Also, how the photographer play with light shows an emphasis on the climbing person. It really captures my eyes.

  4. The whole picture from the way it was taken and the way the light is focused on the climber makes the whole image look surreal and as if it’s not even taken on Earth. Every element in the picture creates an unusual look.

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