Exercise104 (Marina Rusakova)

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  1. I love your choices for the photos. With the post processing, the coloring of each make them entirely different photos. Very aesthetically interesting subject matter.

  2. At first look, the picture of the jars is boring. It’s after post processing when I can really see what you were going for. You turned an ordinary picture to a very vibrant one giving a warm feel. It looks like it could be used in a pamphlet.

  3. Since some of these pictures are taken at a different point of view, it makes the photos really interesting. With the post processing that you have done, it has made each picture feel different and captures the audience’s attention. Good job!

  4. The first group of the pictures are great. It seems like you are taking this picture in different seasons, very nice.

  5. very thoughtful and impressive with great aesthetic sense! The editing toward colors really enhances the picture significantly.

  6. I really like the angle of the camera in which you took the pictures. With the post processing edits, everything looks very aesthetically pleasing.

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