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Second year architecture student in DVC. www.linkedin.com/in/idermunkh-batbold-59454616a/

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  1. great job. I like the pictures you picked and the way you enhance them. It seems you prefer to change them to a brighter looking rather than dark way, I LIKE IT

  2. Most of the images that you took has a red tint to it, but you managed to bring out other colors from the image. There’s one color that was changed into a green-blueish tint, and that proves how you can bring out something different from the image.

  3. At first what captured my eyes is the faces of Troye Sivan and a baby with a dollar bill… but then the blossom made by a bunch of spawn tails. A flesh flower… what a fun (and a little bit creepy) idea, plus the rosy tone you gave it!

  4. I like how you played with the blues and reds in this set of images. You really captured the texture in the macro photos of the shrimp and wood. At first I didn’t realize that one set was of shrimp, but was pleased to find out that it was. Bonus points because I love shrimp and a couple of the artists in the records.

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