Exercise105-Jefferson Frans Tan

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  1. I really liked the picture and edits of the book center. It’s really clear and sharp. It really helps when you take a picture of it when it’s not busy and there are no people coming in and out because it kind of makes that “noble” imagery in a gallery.

  2. I like how you took the photo of the pattern brick, which is in my opinion, very interesting and I also like how you varied the effect to the ground to make it looks smoother than the original.

  3. I love your pictures!!! That’s great~~~~I like the way edited and choose the colour. Also, you applied the one third skills in your photo!!!!

  4. The lack of traffic in your third set of photos really adds to it. Hard to say what would have a greater impact but its definitely something new when a place like this on campus is empty. Also, you caught the edge of someone’s arm in the photo, maybe a quick crop could solve that.

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