In the curve adjustment layer,I darken the entire photo to make the window show up more detail (because it was over exposed),then I use mask in the same layer to cover the building from being dark.

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  1. The HDR photo turned out really well. The coloring and lighting suits the structure well and highlights the details of the interior. I also like your panorama since it shows a corridor of the ET building.

  2. Great selection on images used. The panoramic photo caught my attention. You used great masking skills to make the building stand out more.

  3. I really like how your HDR photo turns out, it is very eye-catching and the color theme of the photograph looks very harmonious.

  4. The work you did really does bring out the detail of the window. However, it gives the photo an interesting effect, as the building looks far too well-lit for the window to be so dim.

  5. I like the way you created the panoramic picture and the way you edited it as well as the one of the interior of the building. Both pictures look crisp and clear.

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