exercise111-Go Nakao

By Go

Hello, I’m Go Nakao. My major is architecture and I want to be an architect in the future. Please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Very creative use of spaces and colors. I would prefer to not have the sentence broken between the two paragraphs, though. An adjustment to the spacing so that “The program” started the second paragraph would fix that.

  2. I like how you put the red line in the word Architecture as part of the letters! Good choice of pictures too!

  3. The random break of space between the two paragraphs threw me off, but I really liked your use of simple lines and basic colors.

  4. Very clean composition. I like your choice of photos and the variation of colors within your design. It’s eye-catching and well organized.

  5. Great work! I like how you wrote “architecture” and “DVC” in a 90 degree angle and the colored lines really make it pop. Good job!

  6. Hi, Nakao. I really like this poster! The diagonal composition makes the poster to be active. Then, I am attracted by that red line deeply and I will focus on the “architecture” aligned by the red line. Nice work!

  7. This has an eye catching focus to it with the bright lighting piercing in one of the photos. It would grab my attention to check this poster out.

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