Exercise113 – Payam Golestani


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  1. Mustafa Abdulateef

    very nice…. idk if you’d like to challenge your self a bit and try to make the first paragraph goes around the biggest circuller pic the left? 🙂 i personally find it challenging 🙂 best of luck keep it up plz…

  2. Looks good, interesting use of circles contrary to the majority of others who used squares. The only thing that really bothers me is that “College” in “Diablo Valley College” is noticeably smaller than the rest of it.

  3. I like your layout. you organized very clearly, so it’s easy to read and focus on the words. But, the one thing that i want to recommend you is that the kerning of the paragraph on the left is unbalanced. you can fit ix. good job.

  4. it looks good!!!!! I love the layout and the front. Its very clear as you show all degree that dvc provided and all courses required. The color choice is perfect

  5. The color scheme of this post is very smoothing: similar to three primary colors but not exactly, using almost green to substitute blue to make the contrast less strong. And these three colors go really well with the grey background, creating a nice transition.

  6. I really like your work. It’s clean and the layout is very nice. I like the information you chose to show. Good work!

  7. I like your work. the hierarchy of different circles. and verity of colors are really help me to make sense for each group.

  8. Wow! This poster is so impressive that I really like it!!! The colors, the picture, the fonts and the circles are matching perfectly!!! I can clearly read and understand what these information in your poster. Amazing job!

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