Exercise116 – Wei Chin

He Art Museum by Tadao Ando


Iron Maiden House


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  1. i really like how you put the lights. i love how you showed that the way they would spread after they got in to the building, and how they it gotten lighter as it was going down.

  2. Hello Wei,
    I like the way you symbolized light coming into the structure, it shows the pathway of light and how it enters the different spaces.

  3. I like the amount of detail you put in to show how the light bounces off into different floors. The floor plan looks very clear and I like how you explained the traffic that flows into different rooms. Great Job!

  4. The sun study was nicely done. How it focuses on the center of the building then reflects onto the floor around it. Your floor plan is also very clear and great choice of colors, not too vibrant.

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