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This is one of the photos submitted to the 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest. This image initially caught my eye because of the danger the subject is putting themselves in. This image has an accurate white balance which helps to make the other colors appear as they would to one's eye and make them pop. The depth of field is larger meaning it was likely shot with a medium apature. This keeps the whole kayaker in focus as well as the water around them. The photo has a great contrast between the blue of the sea and the red and orange of the kayaker and the lava. By making the colors pop the image becomes much more appealing to look at. The photo also utilizes perspective and depth to make the kayaker appear closer to the lava than they actually are.

Link to image: 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Part II - The Atlantic

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  1. By shortening the shutter speed, lava flows and waves are clearly expressed, making me feel the atmosphere of the photo looks serious.

  2. This picture clearly expressed the lava flow and waves by shortening the shutter speed, and I felt that this made the atmosphere of this picture more serious.

  3. it also caught my eye the techniques used in the picture makes it look colorful in a dark way which it came out beautiful. but also it made me think how the water or kayaker must be felt so hot. also it made me think how the kayaker is brave, as far as i know getting close to a huge fire really burns your face with the heat of the fire.

  4. Why people put their lives in danger for a photo-op will always puzzle me, nevertheless, his is an amazing picture, the clarity in the picture makes it seem as if the photo was animated or had CGI.

  5. looking at this picture is very intense. the currents are unpredictable and he might run the risk of getting pushed towards to lava and hard for him to maneuver his way out of there.

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