Exercise_104_La Honta

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  1. These are great pictures. I can see that the first photo with the blue Volkswagen is rule of thirds. The adjustment levels look all great, but in my opinion, the dodge and burn makes it look amazing. The second picture is overlapping layers and the sun in the background stands out great. Your third picture is patterns and repetition. It seems to be animal fur. I like how the layers stand out in the black and white layer.

  2. The photos were taken very beautifully. I especially like the fur texture that you used. Also when you edited the sunset for the second photo, just really brings the picture together compared to your raw picture. Good Job!

  3. Hello! Your pictures are great. The kitty fur looks really cool, especially with the levels layer one. I feel the literal layers of fur become exaggerated and it looks nice. The buggy looks best in the pop layer, with the blues and reds coming to life.

  4. hi! LA HONTA,
    i really like the pictures you took especially the second one the sunset, also adding curve layer gives it warm feeling. for the first one i like the black and white layer it have a vibe of 60’s.

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