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  1. Very special shape. The rectangular furniture nicely fits into the oval building. I like the sofa you chose.

  2. The lineweights are really good and make the plan easy to read especially for an interesting floor plan like this

  3. Like Pericles mentioned the lightweights are really good, and they accentuate your interior rather than the perimeter which i actually like, because you have such an irregular shape for a home it is important to define how the interior works in the aspect of rooms.

  4. Your line weights are really well done and I really like the shape you decided to use on your cabin.

  5. Hello Juan,

    It’s interesting to see that you’ve gone with an elliptical-shaped structure. Was there a particular reason for this? I think it looks really unique and attention-grabbing. I’d be curious to know if you’ve given any thought to how this structure would be built, and with what materials. If you were to use wooden frames and bent plywood, the specialized labor required might be fairly expensive. Concrete could be an interesting option, too.

    Very creative!

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