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  1. Were we supposed to comment on these because I’m pretty sure we weren’t, but I don’t know. I should probably pay better attention. The black doesn’t contrast well with the green nor with the white website so it feels far too heavy against everything. Also, you shouldn’t have cut off the edges of the surface, it gives a feel as if though I’m being pressed against it which is a tad uncomfortable. I’m just trying to kill time while my table and chair stuff render. It has literally been like 20 minutes since it started, and it’s barely at 52 percent! Can you believe it? It’s bananas. I don’t have a Facebook and stuff so i don’t really know how else to kill time on the computer. I seriously am starting to think that I picked out the slowest computer in the lab. But it’s all good- I’m finally done. I didn’t see you post anything. I thought you would have by now. I’m going to do it as soon as these render to just get it out of the way. It would have sucked to come in and have needed to do it tomorrow or on Friday. I’d rather sleep. Or eat at this point. I wonder if you got your salad you said you’d get. I bet it was a chicken salad. You always get those. Is it ceasar dressing it comes with. Did you know ceasar dressing has anchovies in it? Most people don’t. I didn’t until i had to make it. But it’s still good. You’d never think that tanginess came from the anchovies. Anyways, my renderings are done. Again, next time, don’t cut out the corners.

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