Exercise 218

Unrolling lofted surfaces

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In this exercise, you will work to make unrolled surfaces that when cutout will create a physical model of your skyscraper. If you can, please try to work with the skyscraper you created on Wednesday. If you find the tower to difficult, you may break it into parts or redesign/simplify your tower.

Part 1:

  • Go over your model, try to make as few surfaces as you can (this will simplify the unroll). Use the “join” command when possible to make polysurfaces
  • Use the unrollsrf command (Rhino 5.22 [Unrollsrf]) making sure to turn the labels “on” as well as explode to “yes.”
  • In the top view, arrange your unrolled surfaces with numbered sides matching each other. Try to combine sides where possible to create a foldable cutout of your skyscraper.
  • Use the Curve>Curve From Object>Duplicate Border (dupborder) to make laser cut lines for your shapes. Use the Offset command to create “glue tabs” to put your shape together. Remember to make cut lines red and engrave lines blue.
    • Note: You will not actually cut out this model, but the design here is that you could cut it out if it was assigned. Take some time to really learn this skill as you will use it in future classes.
  • Make sure to include the top and the bottom of your skyscraper as this will help you to create your final shape.

Part 2:

In the top view, use the print command to create an image of your unrolled surfaces. Post that image as well as a quick rendering/print/capture of the shape that your unrolled surfaces create (i.e. your skyscraper) to the course website by the end of class today. With any remaining time, work on Assignment 203.  Remember, Assignment 203 is due on Wednesday 10/28.

If you did not finish and post your Exercise 217, you should work on it today and post it!