Exercise 219

Artist's Retreat Modeling Session (Day 2)

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Today you will continue modeling your Artist’s retreat for your final project. You should concentrate on adding progressive levels of detail in your model. 

Part 1:

  • Finish your 3D model by adding progressive layers of detail. You can return to this step and add more detail throughout the coming weeks.

Part 2:

  • Assign appropriate materials to your 3D model. Spend time adjusting your texture mapping on the individual object level to make sure that textures will appear correctly when rendering.
  • Revisit and clean your layer structure as you will likely use this as a block in the final site topography.

Part 3:

  • Open the topography site information in Rhino. Follow techniques outlined in Rhino 5.23 [SketchUp Topography] & Rhino 5.24 [curve networks] to create a smooth surface from the .skp SketchUp File.
  • Use File>Insert to bring in a block reference of your Artist’s retreat. Locate your building on the site and trim/adjust the site as necessary. You may wish to use the Project tool to help with this process.

Part 4:

  • With any remaining time, work to add a sunlight system and an HDRI background image to your topography/model file.
  • Perform 1 rendering, save your work and post it to the course website by the end of class today. You do not need to comment on other students’ work for this exercise.