Exercise 220

Artist’s Retreat - Site Integration

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Today you will place your Artist’s retreat on the building site. Concentrate on integration through exterior spaces (patios, retaining walls, etc.

Part 1:

  • Download site information if you don’t already have it on your flash drive.
  • Open your Artist’s retreat file. Organize the layer structure and prepare it to be used as a block reference.
  • Use Edit>Blocks>Insert Block Instance... to place your Artist’s retreat model into your building site. (Rhino 5.14 [blocks]).
  • Move your building’s block to be positioned correctly on the site. You may want to enable shaded or rendered mode in the top view to assist you in this placement.

Part 2:

  • Trace the footprint of your building (it does not have to be level as demonstrated in lecture).
  • Use the project command (in the top view) to project this footprint on the site. (Rhino 5.13 [project]) Trim out the excess site. (Rhino 5.9 [trim])

Part 3:

  • Add exterior geometry (retaining walls, terraces, etc.) to integrate your building into the site context.

Part 4:

  • Use any remaining time to add more and more details to both your artist’s retreat block as well as your site integration geometry. You should have a very complete model before class on Wednesday. We will begin with a high quality exterior rendering next class!
  • Perform 2 renders or captures and post your resulting image to the course website by the end of class today.
  • You should comment on this exercise (and give feedback on the overall site integration).