Exercise 221

Rendering an Exterior Perspective

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to save your view. Name this view “Render01” or something similar.

Part 2: Establishing an HDRI environment

Part 3: Assigning a V-Ray Sun System

Part 4: Assigning Appropriate Materials

  • Spend some time assigning materials to your model. Make sure to adjust the mapping on objects to have the material applied correctly. You may use materials you find online (either the digital tools site or outside sources) or you can create your own.

Part 5: Ocean, Grass & Rocks

  • Using the skills you have learned previously in the semester (V-Ray Proxy objects) and the strategies demonstrated in lecture, add water, rocks & grass where appropriate to enhance your design. (Some landscape objects are here)

Part 6: Final Rendering(s)

  • Perform your final rendering at 1024 x 768 minimum. You may elect to render at a larger size, but be aware this can take more time. You should use the network (distributed) rendering for this operation.
  • You should also navigate to the Output drawer of the V-Ray options and check the box to “Save Render Output” and “Save Alpha Separate.” Make sure to click the button with the ... and save your work to the Dropbox>Digital Tools>Rendering Autosave folder.
  • Make sure to save .jpg or .png files for each channel you create (RGB Color, Alpha, Background, & Z-depth). You will need these files next Monday.
  • Post your final RGB color image to the course website by the end of class today. Please comment on at least 3 other students’ renderings before the start of next class.