Exercise 230

Rendering & Line Drawing Catch-Up

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In this exercise you will work to catch up with your renderings and/or your line drawings from previous exercises and Assignment 205.

Part I: Renderings

  • Return to each of your render files (or saved views). Make sure all your settings are correct and make adjustments you feel appropriate after looking back at your previous rendered results.
  • Important: Follow V-Ray 8.25 [channels] and make sure to turn on RGB Color, Alpha, Reflection, Shadow, Lighting, RenderID, MaterialID Z-Depth, & Background.
  • Enable distributed rendering by navigating to V-Ray Options and clicking on the System drawer. Check the box for “on” under distributed rendering. Make sure to find & resolve hosts for distributed rendering.
  • Navigate to the Output drawer. Click “Get View Aspect” and then lock the view aspect by clicking on the “L” button. Now type in a width of at least 2000 px. 5000 px is preferred.
  • Make sure to specify a location within the Dropbox>Digital Tools>Rendering AutoSave folder on the computer. This will make sure your rendered image will save.
    • Note: This autosave does not save the channels you set up is step 2 above. You will have to save these at the end of the render.
  • Render your scene and save all of your channels when the rendering is complete. You will want them (the channels) next week for post processing.

Part II: Rendering Troubleshooting & Catchup

  • Spend the remaining class time working on your renderings (day/night interior/exterior). Remember to save .visopt files when switching between day & night settings in V-Ray or switch files altogether and update your blocks.
  • Use this time wisely as we only have 3 class days left this semester!

Part III: Posting your work

  • Post a rendering of your work (any scene) or your plan/section/elevation by the end of class today. The rendering/line drawing should be at least 2000 px wide.
  • You should comment of 3 of your fellow students’ work for this exercise.