Exercise 10.7

Refining building components and working with blocks


In this exercise, you will work to refine your building components (Exercise 10.5 & 10.6) and finally use the block tool to insert multiple instances of them into a single model.

Part 1:

  • Begin with the model you created in Exercise 10.5. Work with the Chamfer Surface tool, the trim tool (Rhino Tutorial 5.9), the Polyline tool (Rhino Tutorial 5.5) and the patch command (Rhino Tutorial 5.8) to refine the edges of the bridge component.
  • You may need to use the unTrim command (Rhino Tutorial 5.11) and edit the control points of a specific surface (Rhino Tutorial 5.15) to complete the edge refinement.
  • Next, please draw the shape below on the ground plane of the model. Use the rotate3d command (Rhino Tutorial 5.6) to rotate it parallel to the side surfaces of the concrete bridge.
  • Use the Project command (Rhino Tutorial 5.13 to project the 4 circles on each of the four wall surfaces of the concrete bridge.
  • Next, create a cone using the “cone” command. The base diameter should be 1” and the height should be 1”. Use the rotate3d command (Rhino Tutorial 5.6) to rotate the cone so that it is facing perpendicular to the wall surfaces of the concrete bridge.
  • Explode the cone and delete the bottom surface so that the cone is open.
  • Using the copy command, copy the cone into each of the circles that you created in step 4. (You will need to create another cone facing the opposite direction for two of the surfaces. These cone impressions will serve as the form-tie holes from the concrete formwork.
  • Next, trim the surface using each circle as the cutting object to reveal the cone shape. (Advanced: For the sloping surfaces, use the extend command to extend each cone shape 1”, then trim off the excess to have a clean cone depression.) Save your file as a .3dm using the naming conventions we discussed earlier in class.
  • Now perform a cage edit (Rhino Tutorial 5.12) to raise the back end of the bridge by 3 inches (1:12 slope). Use the File>Save As... command to save another version of the file (this one is a ramp instead of a bridge).

Part 2:

  • Open a new Rhinoceros model. Use the Edit>Blocks>Insert Block Instance... command (Rhino Tutorial 5.14) to insert multiple instances of both your bridge and ramp components. Assemble them into a nice composition. You may wish to add supports of your own design where you think they would be necessary.
  • Use either the Render command or the File>Print command to create a .jpg of your work and post it to the course website.

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.7

Lecture 07 - Exercise 10.7 Demonstration from Grant Adams on Vimeo.

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