Exercise 214

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In this exercise, work to build the outside skin of a skyscraper. Please use a building base of 200’x100’ with a height of 600’ (36 stories at 16’ each with a 24' lobby (ground) level). Please have at least one side of the building twist or bulge. Please tap your creativity for this exercise.

Part 1:

  • Please begin by creating the base of your building and the top of your building. You can start with a base rectangle for the bottom and top and use the loft command to create the initial skin.
  • Use the cage edit command or the edit control points (pointson) to modify the overall shape of the building. Examples will be shown in class.
  • You will now have a complex surface.  Please continue to work on the shape of your building.  You may wish to rebuild the curves/surfaces or add additional cage edit points to achieve a unique, interesting design.
    • Note: Please make sure all surfaces are “ruled” surfaces (no two-dimensional curvature. You should set the cage editing degrees to be = 2 (xDegree=2, yDegree=2, zDegree=2). You can still create unruled surfaces with this setting, but it will help with unrolling).

Part 2:

  • Create a rectangular surface larger than the shape of your building. Use the array command to create each floor of the building (50 floors). Please also create a ceiling for each floor at 10’. Use the array command again to create all of the ceilings.
  • Now, use the Curve>Curve From Object>Intersection to create a series of curves that represent each floor plate of the final building. Make sure to move these objects to a new layer before de-selecting them!

Part 3:

  • Repeat part 1 & part 2 to create 2 more building alternatives.

Part 4:

  • Please establish some basic materials for each surface and apply a simple directional light. Render your output and post it to the course website by the end of class today.
    • Note: we will use this tower over the next couple of weeks for additional exercises. Please make sure to save your work and to design this tower well (take your time).
  • You should comment on this exercise.

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