Exercise 226

Working Session - Assignment 205


In this exercise, you will cut a section through your final model and use cThru materials to block sunlight but not your view of the section. You can choose to do a day rendering or a night rendering. Please remember to use File>Save As... before making the section cut.

Part 1:

  • Open your file Day or Night Interior/Exterior rendering file for Assignment 205.
    • Note: Before creating the section outlined below, use File>Save As to create a new version of your work. Some operations in this technique cause irreversible changes to your model and you will want to be able to jump back and continue changing your design with the original file.
  • Create a large vertical plane that slices through your building where you wish to have a section.
  • Follow Rhinoceros 5.26 [sectiontools.rhp] to create a section of your building that is coplanar with the plane you established in the step above. This operation will let you temporarily see the section (useful for modeling, etc) but will not let you render the section in V-Ray. Make sure you select to fill the cut with solid as this will help in the steps below. Turn off the layer created by Rhino 5.26 (for now).
  • Follow V-Ray 8.22 [C-Thru] to create a cThru material.
  • Use the split command to split all of your house and objects with the vertical plane you created at the beginning of part 4. Assign the half of the split objects the c-Thru material.
    • Note:  You may need to explode blocks before you can split them.  Try to avoid light fixtures if possible.
  • Turn on your section surfaces created above. Assign the layer a material as necessary. Switch views to be in Right, Front, Left or back as appropriate (or establish your own view) and perform a V-Ray render of your section. Your rendering should show the section and should not let light in through the section cut.
  • Post your section to the course website by the end of class today. (The two parts below are optional)

Part 2: Catch-Up

  • If you finish early, catch up on any renderings you have missed or have yet to finish.


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