HBAw12: ToonMtl Rendering

HBA w12

Working with Cartoon Renderings in Rhino/Photoshop


In this HBA, you will create a special rendering material to highlight outlines of objects. You will then combine this rendered image with an image you created in lab today using Photoshop using layer blending modes.

Part I: Rendering using Cartoon Textures in Rhino

  1. In the V-Ray material editor, Right click on “Scene Materials” and select Add material>Add VRay ToonMtl
  2. Rename the newly created material to be “Outlines”
  3. Leaving the base material blank, adjust the settings for the VRay ToonMtl. You can change the line color and the line width.
  4. Render the view. (Note: This should be the same saved view you used in Exercise 11.1)
  5. Please go back to the outline material and check the box for Silhouette Line Mult and leave the default value of 1.5.
  6. Render the scene again and save this image and append “_outline2” to the file name.

Part 2: Combining Images in Photoshop

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop. Navigate to File>Open and select one of the images you saved from Exercise 11.1
  2. Now, navigate to File>Place and select your outline rendering created in step 4 above. The image should appear on a layer that is on top of your original image. Select the check mark in the tool ribbon at the top of the page to accept the placement.
  3. In the layers palette, change the layer blending mode to be “Multiply” (You should click on the drop down menu that says “Normal” by default to find this selection.)
  4. Repeat steps Part2:2 & Part2:3 with for the image created in Part1:6.

Part 3: Saving your work and uploading to the course website.

  1. Save your work using the File>Save For Web and Devices and post the final image to the course website. Please make sure to categorize the image as HBAw12.

Download .pdf of HBAw12

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