w2: Simple 2d Screen


This week in hours by arrangement, we will work in Rhino to create a simple screen (to prepare for Assignment 1). 

Part 1: Drawing your simple screen

  1. Begin by drawing the object shown below in the top view.  It will be helpful to use the offset command as well as the trim and extend commands.  Refer to Exercise 10.3 for guidance with these commands.  Note:  The horizontal lines are 1/8" (0.125") apart and the vertical bars are 1/4" (0.25") apart.  The overall dimensions are 4" wide by 2" high.

Part 2: Assigning lines to layers

  • Turn on the layer window by clicking the layer icon in the toolbar at the top of the page.
  • Select the outer rectangle as well as the horizontal lines and then right click on "Layer 01" (which should be red) and select "Change Object Layer"
  • Select all of the vertical lines (except the outer rectangle) and right click on "Layer 03" (which should be blue) and select "Change Object Layer."

Part 4: Exporting your work & posting to the course website

  • Save your Rhino .3dm file to your flash drive if you have not already done saved it.
  • Select all of your lines (ctrl + a) and choose File>Export Selected.
  • Now select "AutoCad drawing file" as the "Save As Type" and save your work to your flash drive.  Just a reminder, make sure to save this inside an A136A>hba>w2 folder.  Your Export Scheme should be "2004 Lines."
  • Post your resulting AutoCad file to the course website.  Make sure to include your name and "HBAw2" in the title field of your post.
  • You do not need to comment on this HBA.
  • You will have 2 HBA periods to complete this work.

HBAw2: Simple 2D Screen Demonstration from Grant Adams on Vimeo.

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