Exercise 213

Working on Assignment 202: Topography Physical Model Preparation (Day 2)

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In this exercise, you will continue working on your fabrication files for Assignment 202.

Part 1:

  • Continue working on your Assignment 202 topography. Today you should have your stepped sides complete.
  • Create sides from the stepping lines and fold them “flat” using the Rotate3D command.
  • Use the project command to project each of the topography lines flat to the ground plane.
  • Copy the flat topography lines so there are two sets of lines
  • Create a cut layer and an engraving layer and assign the topography lines alternately to each respective layer (this will be demonstrated in the lecture).
  • Make sure the cut layer is red and the engraving layer is blue.
  • Use the scale command to scale your topography down based on the scale selected in the chart from exercise 212.
  • Use File>Export Selected... to export a 2004 AutoCAD .dwg file. Use “2004 lines” as the export scheme.

Part 2:

  • At the end of class today, please post your complete .dwg file to the course website.
  • You do not need to comment on other student’s work for this exercise.