Exercise 224

Assignment 205 Working Session and Installing V-Ray at home

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In this exercise, you will continue working on your Assignment 205 model.  You will also install V-Ray on your home computer for rendering.  At the end of today’s lab, you should perform a basic rendering of your work.

Part 1: Installing V-Ray

  • To get a free V-Ray license, students should visit the V-Ray online store.  https://store.chaosgroup.com/ [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
  • Navigate to the Educational Products section and then choose the “Student” tab.  Click on “V-Ray for Rhino, EDU 1 year term license V-Ray for Rhino (Student/Educator)”
    • All students will be requested to log in with their credentials or create an account if they don’t have already.
    • Also, students will be requested to fill in a short form to prove their student status where they will need to upload a copy of their student card.
  • After filling out the required paperwork, proceed to the checkout page and will see an option to apply the promo code below.
  • The promo code for Diablo Valley College is: [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options]
    • Important: All students to use the promo code must use their university email account - all Gmail/yahoo email orders will be canceled.
    • Students will get access to the same products they have access to at the university lab - promo code will not apply the discount to any other products. Only one license per product can be obtained with the program. All additional subscriptions will be canceled. This is for V-Ray for Rhino only.
  • Upon order completion, students will receive a confirmation email with information about the products they have received. All products are set with a standard 1-year duration and the expiration date showing in the confirmation emails and my.chaosgroup.com will be 1 year from the date of the order.
    • Note:  All licenses will be active until the situation with the COVID-19 resolves and things get back to normal, or until Chaos Group terminates them.
    • Rest assured that licenses will be active during the next few weeks, probably throughout April and May so everyone is covered during the online learning period.
    • Chaos Group will notify each and every student before the licenses are terminated and will appreciate it if you update us on the situation with your particular class requirement as the weeks pass.
  • When you go to the download page after completing the purchase, you should pick "V-Ray 3.60.03 for Rhino 6 ADV." This version is what is installed in our labs and what I will be teaching for the remainder of the semester. V-Ray Next for Rhino is the newest rendering engine and should be very similar to V-Ray 3.60.03. You can use this at your option though I may not be able to support every feature as I have not personally worked with it yet.
  • Once you have downloaded the installer file, you can double click to install it.
  • Choose "Local V-Ray License Server" when prompted.
  • When asked to login for the license server, you should use your student email and the password you registered with on the chaosgroup.com website (Step 1 above).
  • Please restart when the installation is complete.
  • If prompted (when opening Rhino), allow access through your firewall on all networks.

Part 2: Assign Materials

  • Assign materials to your Assignment 205 model.  You should add appropriate texture mapping as well.

Part 3:  Turning in Your Work

  • Perform a basic render of your building (exterior or interior) and post it to the course website by the end of lab today.