Exercise 10.17

Assignment 3 Renderings & InDesign Layouts 


In this exercise, you will create several renderings for Assignment 3 and combine them together with the unrolled surfaces you have created to make an 11x17 (tabloid) layout in Adobe InDesign. 

Video Demonstration:

A136 Lecture 17: Rendering a Skyscraper (Basic) in Rhino/V-Ray from Grant Adams on Vimeo.

Part 1:

  • Work with your existing Rhino model of Assignment 3 and add appropriate thicknesses to walls. Make sure you have floor plates extruded as well.
  • Create & assign a basic material/plugin materials to represent the glass walls (Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.16). Note: You may want to make a copy of the outside wall and scale it to be slightly larger/taller to achieve better rendering results.
  • Establish a directional light (Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.17) as well as appropriate context around your building. (Note: The building does not have to be on a specific site, but it is often helpful in the renderings to add context around your building.) I will have a file with some San Francisco skyline available for those who wish to use it. Also, make sure to save today’s work as we will work more with it in future exercises/HBAs.
  • Select 3 views of your building. Name & save each view by following Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.28. You may wish to selectively hide context by turning off layers, etc.
  • You may render in V-Ray or Rhino Render (by navigating to Render>Current Renderer>Rhino Render)
  • Render each saved view of your work and save as .png files or .jpg files.

Part 2:

  • Open Adobe InDesign and create an 11 x 17 (tabloid) document.
  • Using basic techniques discussed in lecture and by following tutorials from the Digital Tools site, create an outstanding, clear, and well ordered graphic layout that includes the three renderings from above as well as your unrolled surfaces. (Note: You may use 2 or more renderings and must have at least two sides of unrolled surfaces in your layout).
  • Use the File>Export to create both a .pdf file and a .jpg file of your layout. Post this .jpg file to the course website by the end of class today. You should comment on at least 3 other students’ work.
  • You may further modify the layout that you turn in for Assignment 3 or you may use the one created in this exercise but you must create a new post for Assignment 3.

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.17

SF_Downtown Sample File

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