Exercise 10.18

Creating Sections in Rhinoceros


In this exercise, you will learn to cut sections through your most recent 3D model. There are two methods to do this and you will explore both.

Part 1: 

  • Follow Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.25 to create a simple line section.
  • Once you have reached step 9, use File>Print to create a .png or .jpg of the resulting section (instead of the Export command in step 9 of the tutorial).

Part 2:

  • Follow Rhinoceros Tutorial 5.26 to create a section of your building. Once you have finished step 11, create a nice view and use the same File>Print command as above to create a sectional view of your building.
  • Please also create a rendering of your view (you may wish this to be a close up interior perspective rendering). Post these three images to the course website by the end of class today.
  • You do not need to write comments for this post.

Download .pdf of Exercise 10.18

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