Exercise 11.5

Advanced Texture Mapping & Materials for an Exterior Rendering.


In this exercise, you will work with your perspective from Exercise 11.4 and modify the materials by adding custom texture mapping to surfaces to fine tune your rendering. You will also add the site to your rendering.

Part 1: Assigning Materials

Part 2: Placing your site around your building.

  • Bring in your terrain by block reference. Orient the terrain around your building. (Hint: move the terrain around your building rather than your building around the terrain. Add landscape features (with materials!) when appropriate to help accomodate the terrain. Also, you may end up having to explode the terrain to embed it into your drawing. Rememember to use the project tool to help split the terrain when necessary.)

Part 3: Final Renderings

  • Making sure to turn on Alpha, ZDepth, & Background channels (V-Ray 8.25 [channels]) navigate to the Output drawer in the V-Ray Options window. Lock the aspect ratio and adjust the image dimensions to be at least 1024 x 768 (ideally 2000 x 1000 or higher, but this depends on the amount of time you have left in class)
  • Render your scene and save all channels to your flash drive.

Part 4: Outline, Shadows and Wireframe renders

  • Follow V-Ray 8.21 to create an outline material. Assign this outline material to all of your objects (make sure to do this temporarily, I will demonstrate in lecture) Render your scene and save the outline result.
  • Follow V-Ray 8.23 to create a wireframe of your building. Render this and save it to your flash drive.
  • Finally, in the V-Ray options menu, under the Global Switches check the box for override materials and pick a light grey color. This will render a clay rendering of just lighting conditions. We will use all three of these renderings in class on Wednesday.

Part 5: Posting your work

  • Select just your RGB color image from step 3 and post it to the course website. Save all the rest of your images on your flash drive. We will use them (in Photoshop) on Wednesday for post processing.

Download .pdf of Exercise 11.5

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