Exercise 2.1

Photographing the Campus


Today, we begin with the world of digital photography. While on the surface it does not appear to be directly related to architecture, a fundamental understanding of photography will enhance your ability to express your ideas. Digital photography, moreover, offers opportunities beyond traditional photography as the images produced are already digital and can be manipulated easily to produce photo collages, montages and background imagery for your designs. Today we will go out on the DVC campus and “capture it.”

Part 1:

  • Take some time to examine your camera. Understand the various pre-set modes on your camera and what they might be used for (you may wish to reference today’s lecture).
  • Navigate to your camera’s photo settings, select an appropriate setting for the shooting occasion (preferably JPEG fine or better, RAW if you have it).
  • Prepare to take some photographs, is there anything else you need? (Lens Cleaner? Tripod? Extra Memory Card? Etc.) What is the weather like? Do you need subject release forms?

Part 2:

  • Please take your time setting up each shot, use pre-sets (other than auto) as appropriate or shoot in semi-manual or full manual if you have that ability. You will have the entire lab period (2 hours) to complete this exercise. You will need to bring your camera and the cord to connect it to a computer (or a card reader) to the next class!
  • You will be taking the following photographs: (you may elect to take more than required so you have the flexibility to choose the best images)
    • 5 photographs of campus buildings (pick the most interesting to you)
    • 5 images of people (walking, congregating, singing, etc.) You may want to ask permission first.
    • 5 detail images of texture/patterns
    • 5 photographs taken from unexpected angles
    • 4 macro photographs (close-up)
    • 1 bracketed set of images (this will be challenging for most) same view, different settings (3 images)
    • 1 hand held set of panorama images (at least 3 images total)
    • 1 self portrait/background (to use on your Personal Landing Page)
    • 25+ “images of your choice” this weekend/off-campus

Download .pdf of Exercise 2.1

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