Exercise 2.4

Stitching a panoramic image with Photoshop


In lecture today, we discussed panoramic photography and stitching software. In this exercise, you will use Photoshop to stitch together a series of images to make a panorama.

Part 1:

  • Using either the panoramic images you shot in Exercise 2.1 (this is preferred) or the collection of images I posted to the course website, follow Photoshop Tutorial 1.7 to stitch the images together.
  • Perform adjustments as necessary (B&W, Curves, Levels, Pop, etc.)
  • Save the file (Photoshop Tutorial 1.6) by first adjusting the image size to have a width of 600 px, then use the File>Save For Web & Devices... menu item to save your file.

Part 2:

  • Post your resulting image to the web. You will not be creating a gallery for this image. Instead, just click on “Add media: Add an Image” when you write your post. Be sure to include your full name followed by “Exercise 2.4” in the title as well as in the tag field.

Part 3:

  • With any remaining time, please work on Assignment 1. Remember: Assignment 1 is due on Thursday 9/9!

Download .pdf of Exercise 2.4

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