Exercise 4.5

Depth and Scale (2 Lab Exercise)


How can you convey a sense of depth using a series of lines and images? This assignment will investigate placing objects in a field to create the illusion of depth on a sheet of paper.

Part I: Architectural Images

  • In Exercise 2.1, I asked you to photograph at least 5 people and 5 textures on the DVC campus. Locate these images, as you will need them for this exercise to create a collage style composition.
  • In Photoshop, isolate the people using the techniques we have discussed in class (often using paths to create a mask is the best method here (Photoshop Tutorial 1.16). You must also isolate 5 additional (non-human) objects for your final collage. These may include trees, benches, fountains, cars, etc. Make sure you final isolations must have a transparent background. Please make each of your objects a uniform 75% grey (discussed in class) to abstract them so that they do not distract from your final future designs. Save each object as a .png
  • Post all of your objects (with transparent backgrounds) to http://www.digitaltoolsforarchitects.com/gallery/. Make sure to use the tag field thoroughly so that others can find your objects using the search field. After this assignment, we will all share the objects you create as class resources, so be sure to do a great job on this part of the exercise. You should post all of your isolations by Tuesday 10/27.

Part II: Setting up Layers

  • In a new Illustrator document measuring 8 ½” x 11” in size, create the following layers:
    • Entourage
    • Ground Plane
  • Place the .png files in the document and use the “live trace” command to make vector (path-based) object(s) out of your .png image. Using the white arrow (direct selection tool), delete the background rectangle if it exists. Now, using the techniques we discussed in class, create masks to collage in texture within the shape of a given object. (Note: you will use the .png files in a later assignment, so make sure not to delete them!)

Part III: Composing the image

  • Place the silhouettes of the images of the trees or people in a collage composition that conveys a sense of depth. Use the free transform command to scale the images proportionately while holding the shift key.
  • Add a series of horizontal lines to create a visual composition that is interesting and has a three dimensional quality to the composition which draws your eye back into the distance.

Part IV: Submitting Your Work

  • Post your final collage work to the course website (in .pdf format) by Thursday 10/29. Remember you must comment on at least 3 other collages by Tuesday 11/3.

Download .pdf of Exercise 4.5

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