Exercise 5.1

Working with the laser cutter: Making a business card


One of the most advanced digital tools for architects is a laser cutter. We are lucky to have one here at DVC. For this exercise, you will begin to explore using the laser cutter. We will continue to use it for exercises over the next couple weeks.

Part I: The Design

  • In Exercise 4.1, I asked you to create a logo that represented yourself or your future firm. Using this logo (or a new one) as a base, think carefully of how using a laser cutter would enhance/detract from your design. You have the option of both engraving and cutting based on various color settings (an example will be passed around in class).
  • Begin by setting up a new Illustrator document that is 3.5” wide X 2” tall. Next, design your own business card using various colors for engraving and 0.1 pt , red lines for cutting lines.
  • Your card should contain your name (required). You may also wish to include your contact information.

Part II: Submitting your work

  • You will need to submit your work by 12 pm today (Tuesday 10/19/10) as we will cut the cards from 12pm to 2pm. Please post your original Illustrator (.ai) file (NOT A PDF!) to the shared Dropbox folder. (Please fill out the sheet being passed around with your name and the email address you used to sign up for Dropbox and I will invite you to the shared folder. You will need to login to www.dropbox.com to accept the shared folder invitation.) Make sure to also include any “placed” files as well (you can create a folder with your name under the Exercise 5-1 directory).

Part III: Cutting your cards

  • As previously noted, from 12pm to 2pm today, we will move to ET 118 to watch the cutting of your business cards. The cards will be cut in groups of 10, so 10 people will watch each cutting session. More details and instructions will be given out in class.


Download .pdf of Exercise 5.1

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