Congratulations! You’re Done!

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You’ve now turned in your Final Portfolio for Archi 135. Please see below for today’s instructions:

Part I:

  • Select a doughnut.
  • Eat it. (or not)

Part II:

  • Fill out the course evaluation. Please note, this is designed to be anonymous and anything you say WILL NOT change your grade for this course. I have elected to make this an online survey to disguise handwriting, etc.
  • Please go to [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options] to fill out the survey (for Archi 135). A live link will be posted under Exercise 133.

Part III: 

  • Please make sure you have posted your final portfolio on the course website. You should post this as a gallery of images (with a featured image) as well as a .pdf file.
  • If you need help posting, please let me know.
  • Have a fantastic winter break. See you in the Spring (hopefully in Archi 136!)